Chopped Cilantro

Quick & Delicious 

How would you enjoy the best herb omlette in no time?

Mix an egg with 2 cilantro 1 parsley cube, 1 dill cube, salt & pepper, fry and… enjoy!


Cilantro is one of the basic ingredients of the Middle East and the Mexican cuisines. It's strong flavor can easily be used as a background to many food items we eat, without even realizing it: bread, different liquors, sweets, pickles and more. It's there, contributing its unique taste, blending in without attracting too much attention, but crucial to the bottom line…


Great in the Kitchen 

  • Cilantro is great for seasoning salads and fish…
  • Mexican salsa will never be the same without it.
  • Indian cuisine uses cilantro very frequently.



  • It is a well known fact the coriander seeds are an important ingredient in love and passion potions…
  • Chinese believe that cilantro give whoever eats it immortality.
  • Cilantro in known to have a quality of healing and protection.


Health Facts 

  • Cilantro is known as appetizing.
  • It has a soothing effect – which may help in cases of muscle aches, stomach aches and headaches.
  • After a heavy meal, cilantro can help the digestive system.


Dorot's Cilantro

Dorot's cilantro is picked and chopped while still fresh, so that you may find it, fresh and tasty, in the leading marketing chains' freezers. Like all Dorot products, the cilantro tray gives you simply the best of all worlds: excellent flavor together with top availability, convenience and efficiency. Just pop it out and enjoy the taste…


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